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Zplux Mobile App Development

Want the competitive edge? You need a mobile app that’s fast, easy to use and works across multiple platforms. Booming tech sector means you’ve got choice; many development firms now offer mobile app design — but how do you pick the best fit for your business? At Zplux, businesses form the foundation of our success and our reputation. Here’s how we can help give you the mobile app advantage.

Mobile applications are mandatory for companies to stay competitive. It’s not just enterprises — consumers and employees expect small businesses to embrace mobile technologies and deliver application experiences that are on par with big players such as Google and Apple.

The challenge is finding a way to create engaging, reliable applications without breaking the bank on mobile app development. At Zplux, we’re SMB mobile app experts: It’s our mission to design the app you need, when you need it — and help you get ahead of the game. This holds true whether you require a customer-facing app to boost business or an app that helps your internal operations run smoothly, adding to your bottom line.

How It Works

What can a mobile app do for my business, exactly? If you need to optimize operations, we can create apps that your employees can leverage for logistics, sales, inventory, scheduling and storage solutions, just to name a few. Likewise, if you’ve got a new service or solution on the market, you need to tap mobile consumers. This means providing a simple mobile app that offers both accessible information and value-added features.

To accomplish either, our team of experts sits down for a conversation and hashes out your innovative ideas and business must-haves to create a workable feature set. We can then provide a prototype that lets you see the progress we’re making, validate the concept and offer constructive feedback – all before any contracts are signed or money is exchanged.

What We Offer

Whether you need an app for internal use to handle logistics more efficiently, or a customer-facing app designed to draw new business, our goal is to help you beat the competition with simple, affordable apps that we create in a timely manner. That’s why we offer:

  • Complete Commitment — Your new app is our ongoing reputation. As a result, we’re fully committed to both executing your vision and offering our ideas to create the ideal, affordable mobile app for your small business.
  • Accurate Timelines — We’re not interested in saying one thing and doing another. We recognize SMBs don’t have extra time — or money — to deal with unexpected delays or add-on costs. That’s why we’re clear upfront about how long prototyping, iteration, and deployment takes — and that’s why we deliver on time, every time.
  • No-Hassle Cost — Our job is to make it simple and affordable for your business to invest in a mobile app. All projects with Zplux are a firm and flat fee. We believe in transparency and always stick to our word when it comes to pricing.
  • Long-Term Partnerships — Zplux not only helps to strategize and build mobile apps with our clients, but we maintain long-term partnerships to ensure the success of your app. We have a dedicated team to look after and learn from the analytics of your product. Based on what we learn from the data, our team is always offering new strategic ideas to improve the apps. Last, our team helps to maintain and support the apps through operating system updates, bug fixes and any general upkeep of the technology.
  • Hybrid App Design — We believe that hybrid technology is a great way for businesses to invest in having a mobile app. Hybrid app design uses web standards such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript combined with container technology, allowing your app to run on multiple platforms and populate multiple app stores. This allows you to build a great product that includes the benefits of mobile device diversification, one codebase to manage and quick development timelines for an initial release and continued updates to your app. At Zplux, we have the expertise and experience necessary to offer cross-platform mobile app development that exceeds user expectations.

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Why We’re Different

Simply put, we build mobile apps that help improve your business. It’s what we do all day, every day — and we love it. That’s why we’re able to offer mobile application development in just four weeks for one flat fee, with no commitment required on your end for strategy or prototyping. If you like what you see, we’ll hammer out a formal partnership and get started on your app right away.