Ready to take your PPC strategy to the next level in 2023?

Your first step is staying up-to-date on the most important PPC trends.

This ebook is filled with the insights you need to succeed in pay-per-click advertising next year.

We interviewed 22 top PPC marketing experts to learn what trends in 2023 will have the most impact in paid media – paid search, paid social, remarketing, and more.

In PPC Trends 2023, you’ll find out which PPC trends will dominate the year. Then, you’ll be able to use your newfound knowledge to plan your strategy.

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In this ebook, you’ll discover the PPC trends that will matter the most in 2023:

  • AI & machine learning: loss of control but opportunities to focus on other things.
  • Attribution & conversion tracking: continuing changes make these even more complicated, difficult, and important in terms of providing and proving value.
  • Technical skill & knowledge of PPC “levers will be less important than strategy, teams, and people.
  • Inflation/expense increases in CPCs, especially in industries hit hard by the pandemic that are now coming back into demand.
  • Refocus on first-party data.
  • New platforms: TikTok, Metaverse, etc.
  • And more.

This guide is packed with unfiltered wisdom and tips straight from the experts about how to succeed in PPC in 2023.

Read insights from these experts:

  • Andrea Atzori
  • Ashwin Balakrishnan
  • Jonathan Befort
  • Ilya Cherepakhin
  • Jon Lee Clark
  • Akvilė DeFazio
  • Amalia Fowler
  • Amy Hebdon
  • Navah Hopkins
  • Timothy Jensen
  • Sean Johnston
  • Jonathan Kagan
  • Aaron Levy
  • Melissa Mackey
  • Alex Macura
  • Corey Morris
  • Brooke Osmundson
  • Lisa Raehsler
  • Christos Stavropoulos
  • Laurel Teuscher
  • Ben Wood
  • Jason Zotara

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PPC Trends 2023

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