Speaker: Adam Silverstein, Justin Ahinon

Adam Silverstein is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google, as well as an image component maintainer and WordPress core committe. Justin Ahinon is an expert WordPress developer. On a daily basis, Justin works at Yoast, where he endeavors to offer valuable contributions to Open Source projects.

Regardless of the source, your homepage is probably the most visited page of your site. Make sure it does what it’s intended for: guide the visitor to the page they’re looking for asap. Not only the aspects of a positive user experience matter, the speed of your website is also important. You should thus consider the tools you can use to test and monitor your website, weigh performance when updating sites, and setting a certain performance budget.

At Plesk, we offer and highly recommend the 360 Monitoring suite, taking care of both site and server monitoring comprehensively. This is why we invested significant resources in the further development of individual functions and the integration of the Full Site Check.  As a brand new feature, it offers another panel that crawls sites for errors and bugs. All websites, online stores, blogs, and other online assets can hide many potential issues. Integrated images, links, advertising, updates, third-party integrations, and much more – all these factors can damage your online presence if they do not function as expected.

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