Completed 2022 Aaron Winborn AwardStarting in 2018, the physical award that is presented to the winner of the annual Aaron Winborn Award has been created by a Drupal community member who has volunteered their time and talents. This practice is symbolic of the importance of community service amongst our members – creating a physical manifestation of that value to be presented with gratitude.  

Rachel Lawson (former member of the Drupal Community Working Group’s conflict resolution team) created hand-blown glass awards for both the 2018 and 2019 winners, Kevin Thull and Leslie Glynn. In 2020 and 2021, Bo Shipley created the award for Baddý Breidert and AmyJune Hineline

This year, the award was crafted by Caroline Achee and her husband, Louis Achee. Both Caroline and Louis are woodworkers, and often donate their time and skills to community-focused organizations in their local area. 

This year’s award was created from six different types of wood: Maple, Oak, Purple Heart, Padauk, Ribbon Mahogany, and Walnut – representing the diversity of the Drupal community. 

From Caroline:

One issue in creating the award was picking which wood to use based on the amount needed. I wanted to make the award using different woods, which would give it a layered look. The layers would represent the different layers that Drupal has and that the community is a diverse set of people that work together. 

The second issue was, should the award be in a random order of colors (which to me would look weird) or should the order be dark to light or light to dark? Something like how the Drupal code has changed through the years.

After the wood order was determined, the wood strips were stacked and glued, then the shape was cut out. A router was used to round the edges, The scroll saw was used to cut out the eyes, and then a Dremel tool was used to make the nose and mouth.

The Drupal Community Working group and the selection team thank Caroline and Louis for donating their time and talent for this year’s award!

If you are interested in crafting a future Aaron Winborn Award, please let us know! [email protected]

Award crafting in progress.Award crafting in progress, part 2

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