When almost all aspects of our lives are digital, why should you be buried in paperwork and wait in queues? Today, over 32 UK Councils use Drupal CMS to maintain their government websites. 

LocalGov Drupal is a Drupal distribution that was initiated by councils for councils to ensure no government websites are left stagnant. Apart from the efficiency of using Drupal, it is also an excellent experience for citizens at a much lower cost.

A project that started in Britain, funded by Local Digital and supported by Agile Collective, among others, has now found its place in Ireland through Annertech. This open-source digital agency uses Drupal to build websites and web applications.

The point of wonder with a project like this is its ability to use the already available code and add its own personalized features on a budget. The LocalGov Drupal project comprises experts who have created a buildable code to ensure efficiency and the ability to add new customized features in terms of the council using it.

The new feature of this project is the development of Microsites for which the alpha release had just been done. It is not production ready yet. See the release note from GitHub below:

Please note we are expecting LocalGov Microsites to upgrade to Group 3.x during the Alpha testing and before a Beta release.

There will not be an upgrade path from LocalGov Microsites Alpha to LocalGov Microsites Beta.

We encourage councils and suppliers to test LocalGov Drupal Microsites Alpha, but be aware that if you build live sites you might need to rebuild them on a beta release.

Please get in touch with the #group-technical LocalGov Drupal Slack channel if you have any questions.

(courtesy: Finn Lewis)

These websites are separate from the leading websites and will provide the citizens with information about festivals or micro-events. A few demo sites have been built using this alpha feature. See the Twitter thread below to find those.

One another alpha release they have added to their feature set is Localgov Sa11y – an automated a11y checker for any Drupal website. This module integrates the Sa11y accessibility checker into LocalGov Drupal. They have also released the alpha version of the LocalGov Blogs and the beta version of the LocalGov pages module.

The systematic planning of the project and its thoughtfulness create a fulfilling space for the council members. As said before, no long queues or missing out on festival.

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