Agency life can be a headtrip. You’re pinging between clients sometimes faster than your fingers can keep up. Phrases, value props and signoffs collide in your brain, trying to jump the line. All the while, you’re taking a shower in hot coffee. Yet, Sonora Birnie wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a lifelong learner who relishes the experiences we throw at her. They’re a chance to adapt and surprise herself. 

“Clients have given me some fantastic feedback, including those that dive into madly complex subjects,” she tells us from her home in Boise, Idaho. “But, I’m learning every week, which is a huge success in my mind. I’ve also been able to teach other Brafton folk about the importance of keywords, putting my internal presentation skills to the test.” 

You can’t be a good teacher here unless you really drink life at Brafton in. That’s exactly what she’s been doing. Read on for an introduction to one of our superstar copywriters …

(Almost) Straight Out of College 

When Sonora joined us, she’d only recently graduated from Boise State University. “I was working for a small startup in the city, doing a variety of marketing things including social media management, copywriting and project management. Oh, and freelance journalism for local publications as well!” 

You might say she has a restless hunger for any and every way in which language can shape a story. Sonora’s an avid reader, burying herself happily in YA novels à la “The Serpent King” and more serious chin-strokers like “In Search of the Canary Tree.” That appetite for adventure on the page sent her toward businesses keen to use her sharp mind and warm words. Soon enough, she found Brafton. “Copywriting for an agency,” she says, “brings me in the orbit of new clients every day, as well as the types of content they really need. It’s also great to work with experts in their field.” 

A bachelor’s degree in media studies and journalism helps Sonora think critically and entertainingly about the articles, webpages, emails and other assignments she takes a delicate hand to. But, the people matter, too. “I love my team,” she admits, “who are so smart and supportive. I have grown so much since beginning here. When we met in Boston at the tail end of 2022, I felt so lucky to work with such amazing marketers.” 

Soaking Up Words, Wherever

You legitimately can’t stop Sonora from hoovering up inspiration for her role. However, she’s creative beyond Brafton as well. “I like writing fiction and dabbling in poetry. But, at the same time, I’m talkative and outgoing. Exploring new places matters just as much as finding a nest for a few hours, y’know?” 

Sonora and her friends often stroll along Boise’s Greenbelt, a path that rolls on and on by the city’s river. As much as she loves hunkering down with golden pages, Sonora is drawn to the outdoors. Nature remains a muse for her greatest ideas. It’s like opening a window and having someone lean in and kiss your cheek, telling you that you really are doing a good job.

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Embrace the Doggie Paddle 

While we’re talking, I hear a jingle in the background. Then, a snort or two. Is that scratching? Is Sonora feeling okay? 

“That’s Rosie, my red border collie,” she explains, bending down to scratch an ear and gaze lovingly into her pooch’s eyes. They’re pretty much inseparable. Rosie joins her on hiking trips around Idaho and further afield — traveling, as you might guess, is a major hobby for the pair. 

“We paddleboard, too,” she says. “Summer is prime paddle board time, but sometimes I can put on a wet suit and go in the fall and spring. It’s the best way to explore state parks and new places! It’s a peaceful escape, but is also fun to go with friends.”

We quite admire having a dog as a lifeguard, although we’ll need to see some qualifications. Yet, in so many respects, Sonora keeps her head above water at Brafton, and we always look forward to reading those killer first drafts. 

There’s something about a person who leapt into professional writing as soon as she could — with barely a breath after college — that makes us know she’ll stay fearless on any project, with any brief. And more presentations are coming. Teaching, like high school itself, never quite ends. 

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