Well, hey check this out. Looks like there is a brand spankin’ new blog over at WordPress.org all about WordPress development. In the original proposal for the blog, Birgit Pauli-Haak writes:

The Make Core blog has a heavy emphasis on meeting notes for the various core teams, rather than highlighting new features. This makes it difficult for developers who are not contributors or who just occasionally contribute to find the relevant information among the team-related posts.

Josepha describes the blog further in the announcement post:

These are types of content that lend themselves more toward the long-form content of a blog.  However, there are more practical reasons for this new home for developers on WordPress.org:

  • Posts that detail updated or new APIs.
  • A way to subscribe to development-related updates.
  • A place to keep up with ongoing discussions.

Perhaps the most important reason for the Developer Blog is to have a central place for WordPress extenders.  Information can fragment across various sites, and developers spend valuable time seeking it out.  This blog is an attempt to provide a curated experience of the most important updates. 

Hear, hear! This is exactly the sort of thing I feel has been missing in the WordPress development space: quality information from established developers that shares useful tips, tricks, and best practices for working with WordPress in this new era of full-site editing. With WordPress Core development taking place at break-neck speeds, having a central source of updated information and a way to syndicate it is a welcome enhancement for sure.

There are already a few excellent articles in there to kick-start things:

It’s WordPress, of course, so anyone and everyone is encouraged to contribute. If you do, it’s a good idea to first check our the writing tips and guidelines. And, naturally, there is an RSS feed you can use to keep up with the lastest posts.

If you wanna go down the ol’ rabbit trail for how the blog came together, here are a few links to get that context:

(High fives to Ganesh Dahal for the tip!)

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