New Drupal 10 distribution:
Marketing CMS

DXPR’s demo sites used to be based on Acquia Lightning. This Drupal distribution has been great but met the end of its life a year ago. We learned a ton from working with this distribution, and we realized that we don’t want to depend on other companies’ distributions anymore, so we created Marketing CMS.

As the name suggests Marketing CMS is a Drupal distribution that takes special care of the needs of digital marketers, communications staff, and other content editors.

Marketing CMS sets up Drupal 10 with DXPR Builder and DXPR Theme complete with content types, drag and drop blocks, media library integration, and 3 user profiles to provide simple DXPR Builder interfaces to different user roles. We also ship the distro with modern UX solutions like responsive preview and admin toolbar searching (see video above). 

Watch the above video for a quick 6-minute tour!

If you’re more inclined to just play around you can use our online demo that lets you try Marketing CMS with the 3 different user profiles we created.


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